Blink of an Eye


Back to School Time!! Oh, wait, no big deal for me or so I thought. My youngest starts his sophomore year in college. So somewhat of a big deal for all that Back To School hype. My other son starts his second year as a  para and this year as a head coach for Branson Schools (7th grade boys basketball. Sports will be addressed in this series.) Okay, so I missed all the back to school sales. Still, nothing like it used to be when sending all the kids off for the first day of school. My daughter-in-law begins her first day of teaching on Monday. Okay, little bigger deal this Back to School thing. My daughter begins teaching in an inner-city high school in Dallas, TX, on Monday. Alright, God I get it! Assume the Back To School prayer position. (I did miss the no sales tax weekend. . . there is always next year.) SO IT IS A BIG DEAL!!

It is a big deal for all those first-time kindergartener and an even bigger deal for all those parents. I have been there–tapping into the CIA, FBI, and  the best source of all –EMI: Experienced Moms Initiative — to find out about teachers. (Don’t worry names have been changed to protect the innocent.) When I get those phone calls about teachers, I go into Joe Friday mode (For you young Moms look up Dragnet.) For the kids it is more about the cool, new backpack (BTW: Let’s check back next year and see if One Direction backpacks are the best seller or even if we remember who was One Direction.)

I remember back to taking pictures of my kids on that first day of school. This ritual was met with more and more resistance as the years went by. Now, I have to wait for holidays or weddings to snap a picture of my kids together and all dressed up. The nice thing is my family is growing. I mention a daughter-in-law, but really she is my daughter. We have, also, added a new son  and soon another son (November).

(Did I mention I am available as a wedding coordinator? I don’t come cheap. After all, our family has had three weddings in the past 18 months.)

Let me remind families, prayer is a wonderful aspect of our every day life. God’s Word tells us to pray without ceasing -1 Thessalonians 5:17. I can spout off several cliché’s and scriptures here. God won’t give you anything you can’t handle, all things work to His Glory, etc. God gave your child the school, teacher, and classmates for a reason. Be sure to find the ministry and blessings you may be missing while complaining or wishing you had that other teacher.

It all happened in the Blink of an Eye after I emphatically vowed it would not happen that way. Sorry, parents. That is the way it goes. However, we can make the most of that Blink. This series is going to address all the small things of life that happen in the blink of an eye but can turn kids into Godly young men and women.

And that is my 2 cents worth.


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